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"Tayemnyy" (2017)

All illustration concepts created by Copperglance,
with the exception of commissioned work when noted.

Motion Pictures

Carboniferous Moonlight Jam

"Carboniferous Moonlight Jam" (2016-2017)

The Lostlings I Would Have Liked to Have Known You, Kintpuash
"The Lostlings" (2016-2017)
"I Would Have Liked to
Have Known You, Kintpuash" (2016)
(portrait inspired by extant photographs)

Antiquity Dances for Rynegog

"Antiquity Dances for Rynegog" (2013)

Rynegog Maquette
          Scale Guard Maquette
"Rynegog" and "Scale Guard" Clay Maquettes (2013)

Penetration Fenestration
"You Know What You Know #5" (2015)
(concept by P.D. Lotten)

You Know What You Know – Diptych
"You Know What You Know" – Diptych (2010-2013)
(concepts by P. D.  Lotten)

GeerCrest Farm – Fear Fest The Visitor
GeerCrest Farm
Fear Fest (2012)
"The Visitor" (2015)
(illustration for 'Our Town – Community News')

Heartwheel Farm – Harvest Party
Homer's Band Home Movie Day
Heartwheel Farm
Harvest Party Invite (2015)
"Homer's Band"
Portland Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day 2016 Eclipse 2017
Portland Home Movie Day
Eclipse 2017 Magazine
Mt. Angel Publishing

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